A Unique Phaco & Refractive Meet

Phaco Festival is a forum to share professional knowledge, surgical expertise and update ourselves with the recent advances in the field of refractive & cataract surgery.

Phaco Festival 2014, a Refractive & Phaco Meet, featuring live surgery symposia, to be held on 11-12 January 2014 at The Ritz Carlton, Bangalore

Refractive surgery is evolving day by day with new innovative techniques & advanced equipment and technology. The latest techniques of Femtosecond Lamellar Refractive surgery like SMILE techniques will be discussed in detail and live surgery will be performed by experts.

Skill transfer courses include, didactic lectures, wet lab with hands on training.

Cataract surgery has become a refractive procedure today and patients expect spectacle free vision after surgery. Various techniques and technologies like femtosecond (CATALYS), the Callisto Eye with Lumera 700 microscope, customized cataract surgery and newer implants like Toric IOL’s, Toric Multifocal and Trifocal IOL’s will be demonstrated during the live surgery session and discussed.

It would be academically rejuvenating and professionally rewarding to take a step forward in this exciting journey of newer techniques and technology.

Come participate and enjoy this feast of live refractive & phaco surgeries.

With Regards
Dr. Sri Ganesh ,
Chairman & MD.

Dr. Sri Ganesh

Dr. Kalpesh H Jain ,
Organizing Secretary, Phaco Festival 2014

Phaco & Refractive Consultant

Dr. Sri Ganesh